How Should You Calculate Your Business KPIs?

Choose the best KPIs for your business!

What is a KPI?

KPIs are key performance indicators: measurable targets that you can use to establish how well your field service business is doing. Your KPIs determine what you expect of your employees on each project.

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Are you using the right KPIs for your HVAC business?

Why should you look at your KPIs?

KPIs help you focus the goals and objectives of a company, and they ensure that all your employees are aligned with the same strategies.

In our KPI calculator template you'll find 7 different KPIs that can help you analyse your business:

  • KPI #1 Customer Retention Rate
  • KPI #2 Recall Rate
  • KPI #3 Customer Referral Rate
  • KPI #4 Operating Profit
  • KPI #5 Revenue Growth Rate
  • KPI #6 Cost Per Acquisition
  • KPI #7 ROI

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