How to Win Estate Agent Contracts

Ready to start getting jobs from estate agents?

You're ready to grow your field service business—from small to medium-sized, or from medium-sized to big—and you're eyeing the many, many jobs available through commercial clients.

Such as estate agents: these companies manage multiple residential or commercial properties, and all of them need the type of services you offer.

In our free guide to winning estate agent business, we'll walk you through the steps to attracting these lucrative customers.

  • Step #1: Get prepared.
  • Step #2: Look big.
  • Step #3: Plan your communication.
  • Step #4: Start the search.
  • Step #5: Pick up the phone.
  • Step #6: Meet up.
  • Step #7: Write up your proposal and bid.

We've also included worksheets you can fill out to make sure you have everything you need to start winning estate agent jobs.

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