How to Create a Powerful Service Reminder

What does a great service reminder look like?

If you're not sending service reminders to customers to remind them that an appliance needs servicing—you're missing out on recurring revenue (and happier customers)! 

Everyone is busy, and having a boiler or fire alarm system serviced isn't a priority for most of your customers. That means it's down to you to prompt them for a service.

It's important to make sure the reminder you send targets your customers' real pain points. There's a big difference between a customer who legally needs a Domestic gas safety certificate every year... and a customer who should schedule an annual boiler service because it's a good thing to do.

To make it easy for you, we've created two examples of service reminder templates you can use. To access the templates, just fill in the form and we'll email them to you right away.

Here are a few tips to help get you started:

  • Send your service reminders one month before the service is due.
  • Be sure that it includes the tenant's properties and required services.
  • Send your service reminders at the same time each month.
  • Schedule a follow-up call 10 days later if nothing has been booked.
  • Automate your service reminders if you haven't done so already.

Download your templates

Stay on top of your schedule

Keep appointments ticking over

Save everyone valuable time

"Not only does Commusoft make us more efficient, it also enables us to get more paid work. Now we’re able to send customers a reminder and say, ‘Look, your boiler is due for service in a month’s time. Can I book it in?’"