Commusoft Presents: Managing Under Pressure

A 3-part training video series exclusively for Commusoft clients

Would you like to learn new management techniques and help your team perform better under pressure?

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In collaboration with Andy Coughlin, a management and performance expert, this training series is designed to help our clients adapt to challenging circumstances and achieve even greater results.

Join Jason Morjaria and Andy Coughlin as they uncover practical strategies across 3 episodes:

  • Ep. 1 - Handling Pressure
  • Ep. 2 - Driving Performance
  • Ep. 3 - Managing Your Teams

About Andy Coughlin:
Andy is part of Gazing Performance Systems. Since 2010 they’ve worked with clients to help them perform under pressure, with a keen focus on helping businesses sell, manage their teams, and serve their customers.

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Handling pressure

Driving performance

Managing teams

"If the work we are doing is meaningful then expect there to be pressure. Knowing this doesn’t make it go away, but it helps us process it."