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Some recent updates

Shifts header

Improve scheduling and job costing with new engineer shift patterns

Introducing a brand new feature for Commusoft - Engineer Shifts. This new feature for our Automation plan allows office staff to see employee shifts, including overtime, straight from the diary...

Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinder Commissioning Checklist cropped

New certificate - Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinder Commissioning Checklist

Engineers can now digitally complete this certificate on their phones when installing, inspecting, commissioning unvented hot water cylinder storage vessels...

Automated communications header

Send automated communications to access tenant properties

With our fully customisable work address access communications, you can automate the process of contacting a work address to schedule an appointment, saving admin time and resources.

multiple diaries header

Manage multiple diaries on iOS and Android

you can now view multiple engineer diaries from the iPhone app. If you weren't aware, this is a feature that has been available on iPads, as well as Android phones and tablets for a while. 

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