Training Towards the Trends

A Resource Guide to Keeping Up with the Field Service Trends

Taking the time for continuing education can help you earn more: According to Contracting Business magazine’s 2018 HVACR salary survey, the most significant factor in achieving higher pay is education.

However, if you were to try to educate yourself (and your staff) in every new trend that could affect your field service business—in addition to, you know, actually running your business—you'd have to cut out eating, sleeping, and other things we won't mention.

That's why we've created this quick resource guide. We chose the top three trends in field service...

  • #1: Green Building
  • #2: The Internet of Things
  • #3: Software as a Service 

...and for each big trend we recommend a handful of helpful training resources, both free and paid.

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Green Buildings

Internet of Things

Software as a Service